Lighting Installations

During Maitland Taste, visitors came to see the City come to life with vibrant, interactive lighting located throughout The Levee, Central Maitland.


Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Soup Cans,  Love Pop reimagines love and diversity as giant oversized products belonging to an imaginary oversized supermarket.
Created by artist Matthew Aberline and writer Cath Moore with the Beautiful and Useful Studio – Love Pop is an immersive inflatable art landscape. Each product, be it a giant can of True Colours Energy Drink or a Crazy In Love Happy Meal, invites the viewer to participate in a simple game with family and friends. It’s an opportunity to have some some and play together while enjoying the treats at the Taste Festival. The work is also made from 100% recycled PET drinking bottles in studio that uses 100% solar power.

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Visitors experienced an awe inspiring visual display at The Riverlink that left them mesmerized.

These captivating visuals drew inspiration from the colors of the natural world while showcasing the intricate complexity of living things. Visitors witnessed the beauty of this captivating display that took their breath away and left them feeling truly amazed.

They came and were part of this extraordinary visual experience that left them in awe.


An immersive garden of recycled plastic flowers.

Imaginary Botanicals is a large scale installation featuring nearly 400 individually crafted flowers made by North Geelong community members and local artists entirely from recycled and reclaimed plastics donated by the community.

Designed as a calm space for all ages, visitors can walk the paths, or sit and listen to the gentle soundscape. 

Each flower is different, look closely and listen. Some flowers have hidden speakers, they might sigh, yawn or sound like a buzzing bee.

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A giant deconstructed kaleidoscope, Chromatica turns the classic childhood toy into a large scale interactive installation designed for cooperative play.

Low tech by design; spin the wheels and look through the viewers to see incredible prismatic moving colour.

Note: The Chromatica wheels are made to spin, please do not let young children crawl through the wheels or sit between the wheels.

If you are an artist and have interactive lighting display that you are interested in displaying at Maitland Taste, please email [email protected].

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